Links and Resources

College Board – Big Future

Useful tool to help you search for colleges that are a good academic/social fit for you.  Note that the portion that allows you to select a sport this site includes club sports, not just varsity programs.  We recommend this website to help you find schools that are a good academic fit, not necessarily a good fit athletically.

Adventures in Education

Website geared towards helping families plan for college and how to pay for it!  A great resource in looking for scholarships, applying for financial aid as well as managing money and succeeding through and after college.

National Center for Education Statistics

Great for locating colleges that have soccer programs along with specific majors, areas of the country, types and sizes of schools.  More accurate than the College Board site for athletic programs but a little less versatile.

NCAA Directory

Search for a list of NCAA athletic programs by sport, division and/or state.

NAIA Directory

Search for a list of NAIA athletic programs by sport, state, size, type, etc…

NCAA Eligibility Center

All students wishing to play in division 1 or 2 of the NCAA should register with the eligibility center, ideally in the spring of their junior year of high school.

NAIA Eligibility Center

Students considering NAIA schools should also register with the NAIA eligibility center, ideally in the spring of their junior year of high school.

National Jr. College Athletic Assn.

Largest junior college athletic association.  Includes information about programs that sponsor various sports as well as eligibility info.

Brochures and Guides (attached PDF’s)

Recruiting Camp Checklist

Recruiting Camp Do’s and Dont’s

NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

NCAA Division 1 Eligibility Fact Sheet

NCAA Division 2 Eligibility Fact Sheet

NCAA Drug Policies Brochure