shannon Jones
staff COACH

Cell: (512) 773-4488

  • USSF Grassroots License

Teams: 07G White

"The experience of playing soccer and being part of team had profound impact on my youth and young adult life. Through coaching at FC Westlake I'm excited to create a team atmosphere where players grow not only as skilled players, but as teammates and young adults."


Coaching Experience:

  • 2016-Present: FC Westlake (Austin, TX) Staff Coach

  • 2001-2015: Kealing Middle School (Austin, TX) Boys and Girls Coach

As a middle school teacher in AISD, Shannon spent many years on the field coaching both the boys' and girls' school teams.  After her daughter started activities of their own Shannon took a break from coaching.  She now rejoins the coaching ranks to coach her daughters.

Shannon grew up playing soccer in Southern California for NHBFC.  She played with the same core group of girls from 6th grade to her freshmen year of college.  The friendships, camaraderie, and sense of team the girls developed through soccer led them to six state championships, three regional championships, and a nation title at U19, and University scholarships across the United States.

In college Shannon played on scholarship at both San Diego State University and the University of Texas at Austin, transferring the UT as a junior because she believed it to be her one opportunity to live somewhere other than SoCal.  Fast forward a few years and this CA native has found herself a wonderful home in Austin, with a supportive and loving family, and Shannon is very much looking forward to bringing her players the love of a sport she found when she was a young girl.