Register/sign up for sessions online

IMPORTANT: These steps must be followed before trying to register for classes on the app!

Step One: Register your player on Mindbody

You should register your player account using the player's name, but the parent's email address and phone number.

Make sure that you leave the box marked "Subscribe to email reminders & notifications" checked or you will not receive any reminder emails.

Click here to go to the registration page

Step Two: Select the date and time, then click the button that says "Sign Up Now"

Step Three: Click "Make a single reservation", then "Proceed to checkout", then "Place Order"

This will not ask for any payment information, just continue through until you reach the screen that says "Purchase Complete"

After you have registered your player through your web browser, you may then download the Mindbody app

Step One: Download the Mindbody app from the app store

Step Two: Open the app and register with the EXACT same details you used earlier

Step Three: Check your email and click on the link that says "Verify My Email"