Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help parents & players better understand the basis of youth soccer in Westlake If you feel we are missing any important information from this list please feel free to e-mail us (click here) so we make this page as helpful as possible.
Q:  Who do I contact if my questions are not answered here?
A:  Contact the WYSA office directly by phone (512) 291-3176
Q: What are the different programs Westlake Soccer offers?
A: Recreational Soccer - These are volunteer coached teams ranging in age from U4 - U18, teams are formed by school and freind requests for more information please click here
A: FC Westlake Junior Academy - These are teams coached by professional coaches for players in U8-U10, there are no formal try-outs but teams are formed based on ability (with the exception of some U8 teams) for more information please click here
A: FC Westlake Select - These are teams coached by professional coaches for players in U11-U18, there are formal try-outs for select teams each May/June for more information please click here
Q.  What equipment do I need?
A:  Every player needs their own ball, soccer-cleats or turf shoes (no baseball cleats!), shin guards and a water bottle.  WYSA will provide a uniform for each player that includes jersey, shorts, socks & a practice t-shirt.

NOTE - Players are not permitted to play with earring or other piercings
Q:  What color jersey is 'Home' and what colr color is 'Away'?
A:  Recreational League - Home is Blue, Visitor or Away is White (note - home team is listed first on game schedules)
A: FC Westlake Junior Academy - Home is Blue , Visitor or Away is White
A: FC Westlake Select - Home is Blue Jersey, Blue Shorts & White Socks, Visitor or Away is all rey.
Q:  What size ball do I need?
A:  U5-U8 Size #3, U9-U12 Size #4, U13-U18 Size #5
Q:  When do teams practice?
A:  U4 & U5 teams meet on a Saturday morning only from 8:30-9:30am. U6 teams meet on a Saturday for one hour to have a 30 minute practice and 30 minute scrimmage against another WYSA team, U7-U18 teams will have one practice during the week, the time, location & night are chosen by the volunteer coach and announced 7-10 days before the first games
Q:  Do I have to volunteer?
A:  Our program is only sustainable through volunteer coaching, we would like as many parents as possible to volunteer, each coach receives training from our professional directors. If you are interested in finding out more information about volunteer coaching please e-mail Graham Smurthwaite
Q:  What does U-xx mean?
A:  "U" stands for "Under" which signifies an age group.  For example, A U8 player is a player who is Under 8 years old at the beginning of the Fall season.  The player may turn 8 at any point after the beginning of the season and still be a U8 player until the beginning of the next Fall season.  There are many Spring Season U8 players who are already 8 years old.  Age groups (i.e. U8) are determined by birth year. Read the next Q and A for more information on birth year.

Q:  How are age groups formed? What does birth year team formation mean?
A:  Teams are formed in each age group U8, U9, U10 etc. Each age group is determined by players' birth year. For example all children born in 2007 will be U10 players in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 seasons. Click here for the age group and birth year chart. All children born in 2006 or before qualify for the FC Westlake Select program click here for more information.
Q:  Do I have to try-out for a team?
A:  There are no try-outs for Recreational soccer.  When you register, the age-group commissioner will place you on a team based on the guidelines described below. There are also no try-outs for FC Westlake Junior Academy Teams, you do have to try out for FC Westlake Select Teams.
Q:  How big are the fields?
A:  U4-U5 play on 20x30 yard fields play 3v3 with no GK's
A: U7-U8 play on 25x35 yard fields and play 3v3 and 4v4 respectively (there are no GK's)
A: U9-U10 play on 40x50 yard fields and play 6v6 (5 outfield players and a GK)
A: U11-U12 play on 50x70 yard fields and play 8v8 (7 outfield players and a GK)
Q: Where are games played?
A:  Depending on the age group you are in your games will be at the following fields (subject to change) U5 teams play at every elementary school, U6 teams play at Valley View & Forest Trail, U7 teams play at Forest Trail, U8 teams play at Hill Country Middle School Lower Field, U9&U10 teams play at Cedar Creek, U11-U18 teams play home games at Westridge MS, Hill Country MS or Westlake HS #3, Academy teams play home games at Bridge Point
Q:  How long are the games in U4, U5 & U6?
A:  U4 & U5 - No formal games just intra team scrimmages. U6 - 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute scrimmage 3v3, no referees.
Q:  How long are the games in U7, U8?
A:  U7 - 2 x 20 minute halves, 3v3 with a center referee. U8 - 2 x 20 minute halves, 4v4 with a center referee.
Q:  How long are the games in U9, U10?
A:  U9&U10 - 2 x 25 minute halves 6v6 (inc. GK) with a center referee. Academy - 2 x 25 minute halves, 8v8 (inc. GK) with a center referee and assistant referees
Q:  Can I play up into an older age bracket?
A:  Yes, an experienced or particularly talented player may choose to play up one age group. Please do not alter birth dates when registering on-line, our database will allow one year play-ups.
Q:  Can I play down into a younger age bracket?
A:  No, regardless of how inexperienced the player is, s/he may NOT play down into a younger age bracket.
Q:  How many players are on a team?
A:  Each age group has a different system of play and as such there are different team sizes
U5-U7 there are 9-12 players on a team (playing 3v3 with an 'A' & 'B' team)
U8 there are 11-12 players on the team (playing 4v4 with an 'A' & 'B' team)
U9-U10 there are 9-12 players on the team playing 6v6
Q:  Do we get a uniform?

A:  Every player receives a full uniform once per year. The Academy and Select uniform includes game jersey/s shorts, socks & a practice t-shirt. The Recreational uniform includes game jersey's, shorts, and socks.
Q:  Do we get pictures?
A: WYSA no longer offers a club picture day, however every team will have the opportunity to take pictures under a WYSA tent with backdrop during the course of each season
Q:  Do we get trophies/medals?
A:  Yes, our recreational & junior academy teams receive medals at the end of each season
Q:  Where are the game schedules posted?
A:  U6-U10 recreational teams all play in-house and game schedules can be found on this web-site by

A: U11-U18 game schedules are controlled and published by CAYSA and can be found by clicking here

A: Academy schedules are available through the Lonestar web-site, please make sure your manager has confirmed each game before attending as this schedule is subject to change. Please click here to access Academy game information.

A: Select schedules can be found by clicking here
Q:  Why do we play some teams twice a weekend and not others?
A:  Some age groups have an odd number of teams, to try and accommodate everyone you may have 2 games in one weekend or you may have a 'bye' weekend.
Q:  Do we keep scores/standings?
A:  In U5-U10 recreational & U9&U10 academy there are no scores or standings kept . U11-U18 teams do keep scores and standings through CAYSA.
Q:  What is "small sided"?
A:  Small Sided Soccer is played with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field. These are fun games that involve the players more because fewer players are sharing one ball.  Read more about small sided soccer at:
Q:  How are teams formed?
A:  Teams in the U5-U10 age group are built primarily by school, we try to place as many players from the same school together on a team. Priority is also given to returning teams assuming all players register before the late registration deadlines. Academy teams are formed based on ability.
Q:  Can I stay with my team from last season?
A:  Yes, we try to keep returning teams together and you can list your previous team's name and coach in the registration process and, if the coach returns the following season we will try to honor requests to return to the same team/coach.
Q:  Can I keep my coach from last season?
A:  Yes, we try to keep returning teams together and you can list your previous team's name and coach in the registration process and, if the coach returns the following season we will try to honor requests to return to the same team/coach.
Q:  Can I play on my friend’s team?
A:  You can enter a request in the 'notes' section when you register and we will try to accommodate these requests wherever possible
Q:  Can you put me on a team that practices on a certain day?
A: As the volunteer coaches determine there practice schedule we form teams first and then the coach picks a practice night/time/location. In the event you have a conflict we will look to place your child on a different team with an alternate practice night.
Q:  How old do you have to be to be a referee?
A:  11 years old.  Contact the referee director Chris Shuley for more info
Q:  How does WYSA notify me about my team and schedule?
A:  Volunteer coaches will receive their roster and schedules one week prior to the first games, you will be notified by your coach by phone or e-mail. If you have not heard anything by your first game please contact the WYSA office (512) 291-3176
Q: What is the difference between DIV, DIII, and DII, levels of soccer?
A:  DIV stands for 'Division 4', DIII stands for 'Division 3', etc., each of those categories defines a an age group and level of play.
DIV is age groups U4 through U10 (Recreational)
DIII is age groups U11 through U18 (Recreational)
DII is age groups U11 through U18 where the teams are formed (selected) to compete at a higher level of competition
Q: What is the refund policy at WYSA?
A:  Once a registration is received by WYSA that amount can be refunded minus a $35.00 administration fee, after the first game we issue 50% refunds after the second game there are no refunds. Please note this policy only applies to recreational players. Refund policies for Junior Academy & FC Westlake Select are available on their respective FAQ pages
Q: What is the scholarship policy for WYSA?
A: For recreational teams, we require a flat fee of $50 and the rest is the scholarship.  For academy, we require 50% of the registration fee and the other half is the scholarship.  If you are in need of a scholarship, please email Cindy Ferguson and include a brief description of why you are in need of a scholarship. We will get back to you as soon as we can and if you are approved for a scholarship, Cindy will register your child over the phone so that she can enter the appropriate amount owed.  If you have further questions, please call the office at (512) 291-3176.
Q: What is the required playing time for each player?
A:  Recreational & Academy soccer has a 50% per game play rule, whereby all kids are given the opportunity to play 50% of the game. In some instances, this may be modified per the coaches discretion for player behavioral or attitude problems.