FC Westlake College Placement Program

FC Westlake has made a serious commitment to assisting our players in the college recruiting process.  The primary goal of our College Placement Program (CPP) is to assist all of our high school age players who want to someday play college soccer find the right college soccer situation for them.  To accomplish this goal, we have created a structured program starting with a player's freshman year in high school and running for four years until high school graduation. Here is some of what we will be working on with participants in the CPP:

  • give our players and their parents a framework to help organize the college search process from freshman year of high school on as it pertains to college soccer

  • direct our players who need it to resources to help with coursework selections to make sure they will be taking the right classes to be eligible to play college soccer

  • help players have a complete view of the various levels of college soccer

  • help players identify those aspects of the college search process that are most important to them

  • inform players of rules that can affect their eligibility and rules that college coaches must adhere to in the recruiting process

  • assist and guide players with when and how to contact college coaches

  • at the right time during high school give our players the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of college coaches

  • provide parents and players with guidance as to the admissions and financial aid process

  • provide a recruiting timeline intended to guide our players step by step through the recruiting process

After attending the fall College Info Night or the spring College Coaches Night or watching the video of College Info Night players and their parents are encouraged to meet with Mike Smith, our College Placement Director if they’d like more information or guidance.  Coach Mike is available to meet by appointment in the Westlake Athletic & Community Center (WACC – across from Westlake HS) on some weekday evenings in the fall (Sep. – Nov.) and spring (Apr./May). If you’d like to meet, contact Mike at msmith@westlakesoccer.com.