FC Westlake Welcomes Junro Narita as our Coaching Education Director

FC Westlake is delighted to announce the hiring of Junro Narita as our Coaching Education Director for the upcoming season. "I am extremely excited to have Junro on board for the 2017-18 seasonal year. Junro's addition shows how FC Westlake is not only focused on developing our players, but are also striving to improve the level of coaching within our staff.  As a staff, we must continue to learn and improve to provide the highest learning environment for our players.  The Coaching Education Director role has been developed to give our coaches a support system so they can continue to sustain the development of our players" said Andy McClelland FC Westlake Director of Coaching.

Overview of roles and responsibilities.

  • Observing training sessions and matches

  • Assisting with training sessions and matches

  • Coaching evaluations and feedback

  • Updating and the implementation of the club wide curriculum

To check out what the new role exactly entails then please CLICK HERE .

To find out more information on Junro you can read his bio here

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