Trey Willis


Originally from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Coach Trey Willis is a former Marine who served two tours overseas. His last year in the Marines Trey to to play with the All-Marine team for about 5 months.  His playing career began however when he was in Kindergarten.  He played Club soccer for Classic United all the way up until beginning high school soccer.

After the Marines, he started school studying in Kinesiology.  While in school, Trey decided to into Personal Training for a job on the side and has been doing that ever since.  He trains a lot of adults, but mostly the last few years he has shifted his training towards teenage and kids, because he wants them to grow up knowing the right ways of taking care of their body.  Trey absolutely loves his job, and knowing he can help change someones life for the better in health or fitness is something he really enjoys being a part of.

Trey is making his FC Westlake Jr. Academy coaching debut this Fall and is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Personal Training Certification - NESTA

TRX Certified

Wellness Coach

Associates in Applied Science

We asked Trey a few questions to help find out a bit more about him:

What's your favorite thing to eat?                                                                                                                Honestly donuts are my Kryptonite, but I love me some chicken wings!

Who is your favorite team?

Who is your favorite player?
Phillipe Courtinho

Favorite place ever visited?                                                                                                                                           I was stationed in Hawaii while in the Marines and I have to say that was awesome!

Where did you grow up?
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

What was your primary position as a soccer player?
Mostly winger, but I can play forward too