Paige Wallace


Things have come full-circle for Paige as she began her youth playing career right here with us in Westlake & she now holds the honor as the youngest coach we've ever hired.  Paige is a Senior at Westlake High School and currently plays on the Varsity soccer team and will continue her player career next year at Trinity University in San Antonio!

Paige has a tremendous ability to connect with players and her energy & enthusiasm is contagious.  As a goal-keeper, you'll never see Paige struggle to be vocal or to organize her teams defenders.

We asked Paige a few questions to help find out a bit more about her:

What is your favorite food?
Coffee Ice Cream

Who is your favorite team?
USA Women's National Team

Who is your favorite player?
Gigi Buffon (Italian Men's National Goal-Keeper)

What is your favorite thing to do other than play and coach soccer?
Spend time with friends & watch movies

Where did you grow up?
Born and still growing up in Austin!

What was your primary position as a soccer player?
I've always played goal-keeper.  It's all I ever wanted to play since I was little.  I've never played on the field although I like to think of myself as a pretty good field player too!