FC Westlake Select Soccer Program

Interested in playing select soccer with fc westlake:

FC Westlake is the official select program of Westlake Youth Soccer. The program was established in May 2014.

Our select soccer program begins at U11 (2006 birth year). Teams are formed through a try-out process in which players are placed on teams based on age and ability. These teams are coached by professionally licensed soccer coaches and compete against teams of similar competitive ability. Select soccer is designed for competitive play with an emphasis on player development. It is for players who want to train and compete at the next level. We offer our players in recreational, academy, or other programs an opportunity to play competitive soccer, with a focus on development, closer to home.

FC Westlake Teams - Each year we will form U11 teams of boys & girls. These teams will include players from our academy program at U10 and recreational players looking to try select.

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We have FC Westlake teams competing at Div I, SII & DII!

What is Select Soccer?

In a nutshell ‘Select’ soccer is 9v9 or 11v11 with licensed professional coaches. Teams are formed through a try-out process where players are selected to a roster based on their ability. These teams are trained and coached by a professionally licensed soccer coach, and will compete against similarly competitive teams. Select soccer allows those players who desire the environment to train and compete at the next level an opportunity to do so. FC Westlake will form teams at Division 1, Super 2 & Division 2.

FC Westlake Director - Andy M
Cell - (512) 937-5705
E-Mail Andy - Click Here