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FC Westlake

FC Westlake Select Soccer Program


What is Select Soccer?


In a nutshell ‘Select’ soccer is 8v8 or 11v11 with licensed professional coaches. Teams are formed through a try-out process where players are selected to a roster based on their ability. These teams are trained and coached by a professionally licensed soccer coach, and will compete against similarly competitive teams. Select soccer allows those players who desire the environment to train and compete at the next level an opportunity to do so.


Players in Westlake Youth Soccer recreational or academy program have 2 main options when it comes to choosing select soccer;

FC Westlake


FC Westlake is the official select program of Westlake Youth Soccer, the program is being formally established in May 2014, in conjunction with Lonestar Soccer Cub we will offer 2 options for players who live in the Westlake area or play in the Westlake Academy.


Lonestar 'Central' Teams - Each year Lonestar SC forms 4 'central' teams at U11, this is esentially the best 40 boys & 40 girls pooled together regardless of geographical location. Players will be invited to participate in try-outs for these teams. The remaining players (several hundred) will try-out for select teams based on where they live (i.e. North or South) Previously there has not been an option for families who live in Westlake to stay and play select, the new FC Westlake program addresses that issue.


FC Westlake Teams - Each year WYSA will form U11 teams of boys & girls, these teams will be formed from players in our academy program at U10 and recreational players looking to try select. A handful of players will be selected to try-out for the LS central teams, in the event they dont make those teams we will place them on the FC Westlake teams.


Try-Outs Dates for 2014;


U11 ('04) Boys & Girls (August 1st 2003 - July 31st 2004) - May 12th & 13th from 6:00-7:30pm @ HCMS Turf Field


U12 ('03) - U18 ('97) - May 27th & 28th from 6:00-7:30pm @ HCMS Turf Field


To register for Try-Outs please click here (There is no fee to register for try-outs)


For current Age Group chart please click here (make sure you look at 2014-2015 seasonal year)


Current FC Westlake Teams;


We have FC Westlake teams competing from Div. II through Div. I

For more information on the FC Westlake teams please contact the individuals in charge of those teams;


FC Westlake U11 Boys - Lauren Dyck


FC Westlake U11 Boys White - Matt Johnson


FC Westlake U11 Girls - Isabella Garcia


FC Westlake U14 Boys - John Carlton


FC Westlake U15 Boys - Gregg Machon


FC Westlake U14 Boys - Jack Holland


FC Westlake U18 Girls - Jim Stotts