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FC Westlake – Try-Outs FAQ’s


Is my child good enough to play select soccer? Any player that enjoys the game of soccer and has played at the academy or recreational level is eligible to try-out, select soccer has many different levels and the goal of FC Westlake is to offer select soccer to all the families of Westlake who would like to play


What are the different levels of Select Soccer? USC West, Division I (DI), Super II (SII), and Division II (DII) are the 3 levels beginning at U11, as teams age up there are more levels available however FC Westlake teams will be primarily these 3 levels


What age group is my child in? Select teams are formed based on the year your child was born, the current age groups available are for players born in 2006 through 1999


Do I have to register for Try-Outs?  Yes, all players must pre register for try-outs, there is no fee to register, but you cant attend unless you have registered. Registration is on the web-site www.westlakesoccer.com


Does every player that attends try-outs get offered a roster spot? No, teams are selected based on ability and numbers of players trying out, unlike Academy where every player is placed on a team, at select some players are not offered roster spots


How and when do the goalies tryout?
GK’s will be evaluated along with their age group at tryouts. Most select teams will pick ‘full-time’ goalkeepers


Who is going to coach the FC Westlake Teams? The new teams will be coached by a combination of our existing academy staff members and some new professional coaches that we hire depending on the number of teams formed


Will there be a limit on how many teams are formed? No, there will not be a limit on the total number of teams formed, however the professional coaches will decide at try-outs based on the level and number of players available how many teams to form


Will players from outside of Westlake be able to try-out? The FC Westlake program is being established to primarily offer families in the WYSA program a place to play select soccer, you don’t have to be in Westlake or have played in Westlake to try-out.


Do you register commit for a season or the year? Select soccer is a yearlong commitment i.e. both fall & spring. If you are unable to commit for the entire year please talk with one of our directors prior to try-outs


The Academy program ends at U10, when does FC Westlake end? The FC Westlake program will run from U11 to U18 for players/teams who desire to keep playing, however in the beginning we will be focusing on forming teams primarily on younger age groups


If I choose not to try-out for FC Westlake what can my U11 player do? WYSA will be still offering our regular recreational program for U11-U18 players


How often do select teams travel or play out of greater Austin? At the younger ages most select teams don’t travel far, most leagues are within the greater Austin area, some games might be in San Antonio. There are no games in Dallas/Houston/South Texas at the younger age groups (some teams may attend a tournament in Houston or San Antonio)


Is financial aid available?
 Financial aid is available to families that need it, the financial aid process will require an individual review by WYSA and approval will be based on the overall needs of everyone applying


What happens after try-outs?
 Coaches will meet with the players and parents at the field and offer roster spots. Parents will have 24 hours to complete their child’s on-line registration, any players not registered within 24 hours will lose their roster spot. Please note teams are built in order of ability, some players will be offered a spot on the first night, some will be offered a spot on the second night


What is the cost to play select soccer? Fees differ based on the level of play, (fees include everything except uniform fee)

  • USC West - $300 Commitment Fee, 6 Monthly Payments of $295
  • Division I - $300 Commitment Fee, 6 Monthly Payments of $295
  • Super II - $300 Commitment Fee, 6 Monthly Payments of $245
  • Division II - $300 Commitment Fee, 6 Monthly Payments of $195


Is the uniform fee included in the fees listed? 
No, the uniforms are purchased by each parent directly from Under Armour, you must complete a uniform try-on at our offices before ordering. The uniform package costs $250 and includes full home kit, full away kit, warm-up's, practice t-shirt & back pack.


How long are the uniforms used?
 The uniforms remain the same for 2 years. Players will be able to purchase additional pieces if they grow out of them


Do the training fees include tournaments? 
The fees include all qualifying and play-off tournaments associated with the league your team plays in along with one ‘invitational’ tournament in the fall and one in the spring. The fall tournament will typically be ‘labor day weekend’


When an offer is made to join a team will the practice schedule & location be known?

We might know, but not necessarily; however, this information will be available shortly after tryouts conclude


How often do teams practice?
 Teams practice twice per week for 75-90 minutes per session depending on the age of the team


Do select players get equal playing time?
 Only at the SII and DII levels are players guaranteed 50% playing time at each game, unless a player is on a ‘no play list’ due to overdue training fees or because of attendance and/or disciplinary problems


When will practices begin?
 Practices will begin sometime in August, there will be  a mini camp included in the registration fees to start the fall season


How do I get a Refund? The commitment fee ($300) is non-refundable, if you decide not to play prior to Aug 1st we will not charge you any additional fees. If you decide not to play once the season has started you will be responsible for the monthly training fee up to the end of the month that you decided to no longer play. Any request to stop playing must be sent to Andy McClelland amcclelland@westlakesoccer.com (512) 937-5705


For additional information please contact;


Andy McClelland FC Westlake Director

amcclelland@westlakesoccer.com (512) 937-5705


Stephen Ferguson WYSA Dir. Of Coaching

sferguson@westlakesoccer.com (512) 291-3176)