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Elite Training Camps

Westlake Soccer will be hosting our ‘Elite’ Training Camps again for the summer of 2014. Our elite training camps is U11+ players only and offers 3 fundamental components to make them the most enjoyable and productive camp anywhere in Austin;


Players are invited based on age, we then create 2-3 training groups based on ability. This allows players to get the most our of each training session

3+ hours of technical & tactical training is too much, even professional players can’t perform functional training for this extended period of time. Our program limits the technical & tactical training to 2 x 40 minute sessions with 2 different coaches to ensure the sessions are fresh and energetic.

Finally in our opinion the most important thing missing in soccer training in general for players 5th grade and above is good quality FUN through play. The U.S. has one of the most regimented cultures in the world for developing young soccer players. This certainly has it’s positives but if you asked the player there is one thing missing – the fun and enjoyment they had when they were 9 and 10 years old!!! The second 75 minutes of every day is broken into 5 ‘FUN’ based competitive games/tournaments; 3v3 World Cup, Soccer Tennis, Street Soccer, 6v6 Tournament & Player Choice on Friday…

Lastly the staff chosen to work this program have 2 very important traits, they are extremely knowledgeable and are very good coaches, but they are also great at motivating players and providing them with constructive yet positive feedback. Our exceptional staff includes; Stephen Ferguson, Adam Huff, Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ Waldron, Jamie Scope, Andrew McClelland, Andrew Tunnicliffe & other great professional coaches.


The ‘Elite’ camp program is only available for 2 weeks during the summer;


July 14th - 18th @ Westlake High School Field #3 (5:30pm-8:00pm)

July 28th – Aug 1st @ Westlake High School Field #3 (5:30pm-8:00pm)


One Week of Camp - $175

Two Weeks of Camp - $295 ($55 discount)


To register for the ‘Elite’ camp please click here