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Center of Excellence Training - Nov/Dec 2015

WYSA is delighted to announce the return of our popular ‘Centers of Excellence’ training program for Nov/Dec 2015 season. This unique program allows all our recreational & academy/select players the opportunity to receive technical training directly from our professional coaching staff. Players must be in grades k-8th.


We are offering C of E sessions for both Recreational players and Academy/Select level players 3 different nights of the week. When registering for C of E you are selecting a night/time that you will attend for 6 consecutive weeks. (In the event of a conflict players can attend a different night/time to make up any missed sessions)


November/December 2015 Clinic Dates/Times: (Note - You are registering for one evening for 6 consecutive weeks, players are eligable to register for more than one session if space is available)


Monday's Nov 16th - Dec 21st 5-6pm @ HCMS Turf Field Click Here


Tuesday's Nov 17th - Dec 22nd 5-6pm @ HCMS Turf Field Click Here


Wednesday's Nov 18th - Dec 23rd 5-6pm @ HCMS Turf Field Click Here



‘Center of Excellence’ is a unique player-centric training program that focuses on ‘technical’ development. For players to develop and perform at higher levels of play they must have mastered the individual technical aspects of the game. These technical skills must be taught and practiced correctly to be executed successfully in game situations.


All of the worlds top soccer players have phenomenal individual technical skills from ball control, to passing, to finishing to balance and coordination. These techniques are developed through repetition and application in training. As players acquire technical proficiency the game of soccer becomes more enjoyable and their impact on the game grows tremendously. Players also develop a passion for the game and a drive to constantly improve and try new things.


The ‘Center of Excellence’ will focus on developing individual technical skills in a positive yet challenging environment, giving all our players the confidence to execute ball control effortlessly under any circumstances.