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Field Status

Field Name
(click name for directions)
Status Additional Details
Barton Creek Open
Bridge Point Open
Cedar Creek Open
Forest Trail Open
Valley View Closed CLOSED ALL WEEK SEPT 22-26
Hill Country Lower (Grass Field) Open
Hill Country Turf Field Open
West Ridge Turf Field Open
Westlake HS Turf Field #1&2 Open
Westlake HS Grass Field #3 Open
Parking for Field #3 is in the NGC Gym Parking lot or Parking Lot 'K' off Westbank Drive
Lonestar SC Fields Pending Please use Lonestar Web-Site (<--click the link) for Field Status (T&C, WCRP, West Creek, Milburn etc)
Last Updated:  9/21/14 10:53 am